Sunday, August 13, 2017

Competing for Definitions? More Games for AAC

Some districts in the U.S. are already back to school. Some wait until after Labor Day.  Either way, I have one last bit of summer fun with a purpose.  We’re going to have students practice making referential definitions with use a hint of competition.

Referential definitions are at the heart of a lot of vocabulary instruction for nouns.  A district attorney once challenged me on this particular objective.  He wanted me to prove that creating referential definitions mat a state standard.  (Mostly I think he didn’t know what I was talking about).  

Teachers around the world ask kids to provide referential definitions all the time.  “Wha is Saturn?”  “What is a peninsula?”  “Tell me about a giant sloth.”

In my version, we put visual symbols on the table for the critical elements: categories, adjectives, function, place, materials.  The SLP turns over a picture of a relevant item.  If your students are all able-bodied you can have them rush to grab relevant symbols. 
       The catch is that once they have chosen a symbol they must be able to answer that piece of the definition.  If they can’t, they forfeit their turn/points/move.  They also have to put the symbol back on the table, where another student can take it.  

Students can take only 1 symbol per turn. After everyone in the group has had a turn, students can scramble for the remaining symbols.  Students with the most symbols/points/spaces on the game board “win.”  In fact, all of your students win in the vocabulary development game.

Back to school fun in my next posts, so, in the meantime, just……..keep on taking.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

AAC Vocabulary BINGO

Are you ready for one more way to have fun finding words?  Try a game of BINGO.  You can use any group of vocabulary words.  You can take the words from curriculum areas, from books, or from whatever thematic topic your or the teacher are working on.  Create multiple BINGO cards that use the same words; just vary their positions on the cards.

And………..voila!  Another fun game for finding vocabulary in the AAC system.  If you’ve been talking about Spring, use Spring-related words; such as grow, plant, big, tiny, dirty, insect, flower, bud, bloom, robin, nest, hatch, warm, sunny, rain, etc. (If you don't want to make your own, try my Everything for Spring resource, complete with BINGO game)

If you’ve been working on answering Wh-questions, try BINGO cards with random vocabulary that includes people, animals, and characters, actions (verbs), places, and time words (clock and calendar).  As you call out a word, students have to tell what kind of a Wh-question it answers before they can place a marker on it.

Simple, but effective.  Kids love playing BINGO games.  Above are a couple of examples of BINGO cards I’ve used.  You’ll find the full resources they came from in my TPT store if you like saving time and reducing your work load.

Keep on talking!