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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Surf's Up! Can I Hear You Over the Waves?

Summer is officially (almost) here.  Most school districts are done for the year, the days are getting longer and lighter, and I heard the sound of the ice cream man's truck las weekend. And just a few days to go until the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year.

free beach aac activity

aac at the beach

A couple of weeks ago, I posted links to my free activities for talking over the school break.  I've decided to take a break, too, from blogging for the next month and a half. I'll be back in August, as everyone gets back to school.  

free aac activity

But before I go, I thought I'd post one more idea for keeping kids communicating over the summer.  As you head to the beach, grab this idea along with the sunblock, and have fun in the surf and sand. This is a sample page, but there is also a core-word based communication board for fun at the beach, and more suggestions.

Have a great summer and, remember,.............Keep on talking!