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Sunday, August 26, 2018

How Do You Know What They Know? Assessments in AAC

Next Friday, August 31, 2018, I will be doing a webinar over at XceptionalEd on conducting AAC evaluations and making system recommendations.  The best part? It’s free if you catch the live presentation.  On-demand after the webinar airs live, the cost will be $45. for the 90 minute training.  And, XceptionalEd is a CEU provider, so you can get those hours.

What do I talk about in this training?  I try to give SLPs a cost-effective way to get the information they need about the individual they are assessing.  How are their language skills? Which symbols do they respond to the best, if any? How does their vision  determine symbol size and array size?  How do you get all of this information during the assessment session?  And lots more.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Let Your Students Talk in Class!

Summer is winding down, summer vacations are all but over, and students are headed back to school.  I’m working on slowing down and cleaning out.  I’ve closed my practice and am only available to a few long-time clients.  My book is written and with an editor, and the only thing on my plate - besides reading and making art - is making resources for SLPs; especially AAC materials.  And, of course, continuing to bring you information, techniques, tips, and free stuff.

aac resources

With that said, while I don’t always like to use my blog to sell my resources, I thought I’d catch you up on what I have been continuing to work on and make it more palatable by including a freebie.

In an attempt to offer resources for building language skills - including syntax and morphology - I am continuing my AAC Users Maximize Morphology series with More Possessives.  It’s in the works now and should be available shortly.

I am also continuing my newly developed themes for AAC (and for any students with limited expressive language skills).  Fall, Winter, and Summer are completed and in my TpT store.  I’m taking a quick break from seasonal words and working now on fire safety.
AAC resources

Let me also take this chance to remind you that last year I uploaded a free planning guide for AAC intervention. If you don’t already have it, you can download it here.

Another project for me is updating many of my AAC resources with clip art more suitable for older students.  I have just updated the 10 Weeks to 40 Core Words resource, which has been a big hit, with teen clip art.

So, I think I have enough to keep my busy for a while.
But, as always, if you have any specific requests, leave me a comment and I’ll do my best.

So, where to begin this new school year with new - or not so new - AAC users?  I always say, “Start at the beginning. Use Aided Input.”  This holds true for brand new AAC users, as well as those who have been using AAC for a while.  As long as your AAC user does not have age appropriate language skills, you should continue to model more complex language.

Looking for a role play activity for your older AAC users?  How about a game of Jail Break?  This is the older version of my Barn Break activity from 10 Weeks to 40 Core Words.  You can download it here
Have fun, and have a great year of communicating!

As always, Keep on Talking.