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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Summer is Here! How to Keep Communicating and Beat the Heat

The days are finally warmer.  I know that sounds a little crazy, since I live in Southern California. But, it's been a pretty rainy and chilly Spring.  While we need the rain (drought, drought go away), it's kind of messy in an environment where we don't expect it so much.

But when the rain goes away, we can go out to play.  Keeping your children busy and happy during the summer can sometimes be a bit difficult.  Over the years, I've created several different summer free resources with fun language-based activities.  I'll drop the links below, and hope that you enjoy.

I've been hopping through some t.v. studios recently, too, providing helpful tips and information, and plugging my book.  It's been fun getting to share ideas with a larger audience. I'll try to keep you informed of my next appearances if you want to tune in.

Here are the links, as promised:






I'll have some more for you next week!

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