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Sunday, August 2, 2020

I've Been Chosen: Top Homeschool Curriculum List Picks of 2020-21

Yes, it seems now every parent is now a homeschooling parent, every speech-language pathologist is doing teletherapy and teachers are Zooming away!  So, when the Homeschool Curriculum Guide asked me if I'd be interested in applying to be included in their guide this year, I said, "Sure!." After all, homeschooling is where it's at right now.

I know a bit about homeschooling, actually. I homeschooled one of my children for parts of middle and high school. I started out a bit uncertain, but we made it through. I certainly didn't do any harm. After all, she's now a lawyer.

You can find my mention in the guide under Special Needs Curriculum here. nI'm officially a "... 2020 Top Homeschool Curriculum List winner!"  
I can only hope that some parents who need my resources can find them this way.  I know how difficult this year has been for many parents, especially those at home with children with complex communication needs.

Here's hoping we can get to a new normal that works for all of our students!  
Have a safe back to school!