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Sunday, February 22, 2015

What’s in Your Basket? Are You Ready for the TPT Sale?

The SLPs at TPT , sponsored by Speech Room News, are linking up to share what’s in our personal carts for the sale, and what resources we have that we want people to know about;

I spent the better part of Saturday evening going through my wish-list of TPT products, so I’d be ready for the sale - having made my “good” decisions in leisure.  It was really hard.  I decided which clip art resources I really wanted and put them all in my cart.  Then I looked at the total and got sticker shock.  It was $195.  And change.
So, then I went back through it again and tried to decide if there were any items I didn’t really need in the short-term.  SO, I managed to get it down to about $165.  That’s better, right?
Deep breath.
Then I saw another product. Another $5.  Deeper breath.

The problem is, there are so many good artists on TPT, and more joining every day.  Having spent a lot of time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day re-vamping almost all of my product covers I found a need for more clip art that worked for specific topics.  I had always gone with bold and simple for covers, but was convinced by a blog post from a fellow SLP to make them more colorful and appealing.
So, at the top of my list are:

Peter and the Wolf and other fairy tale sets from EduClips: 

More from one of my favorite artists - AwayWithThePixels -  like these realistic animals

And more great backgrounds for building scenes to go with stories like these from Graphics from the Pond

I’m always on the lookout for images of kids doing things - great for speech therapy - so I’ve found a few I don’t already have, including this one from Teacherscrapbook

And what do I have in my store for shoppers looking for great resources on sale?  Well, my whole store is 20% off for the sale. Added to the TPT bonus that makes 28% off all of your purchases.
I always recommend my best-selling program for teaching Wh-questions.  It is basically a paper version that became the Question It app found on the iTunes app store.(  Parents and teachers begged me for years to publish it, but who had the time while raising a couple of kids and managing a huge caseload?  The original program, when I used it, used delayed prompting and errorless learning.  The main point of the strategy, however, is to teach which type of word answers which type of question.  Check it out here:

My AAC resources are also popular, especially my 6 Core Words book sets.  I’ve made a bundle of them here

Check out the AAC custom category in my TPT store for all of the augmentative communication resources.

Try my practice resources for aac users learning to use phrases and sentences. They're great for verbal kids with limited expressive language, too.

I also love my book companions, which have been adapted for kids with significant language disabilities.  Most of them contain picture communication boards to use with the book activities, all of them focus on language skills.  I have a custom category for Primary Book Adaptations, too. 

I have been adding to and updating my laguage-based life skills resources here

and don’t forget to check out my barrier games activities.  The bundle of the original 5 sets is here 
but I have added more themed sets since then.

Have a great sale, pick up some great resources. 
And, most of all, keep on talking.


  1. ooooh, I love your life skills products! Great ideas.

  2. You are right - there are so many talented artists on TpT! Hard to choose, I always want more clip art! LOL!