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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Making a Move from Digital to Print? Try These Guys!

I recently took a small printing company up on their offer to print and bind one of my teaching resources, to see how it would look as a hard copy to give or sell to SLPs and teachers, instead of a digital file they have to download and print. 

I chose a resource that is full of templates that can be used over and over again for many units or weeks throughout the years; my Shared Reading Templates and Strategies.  It struck me that having the file bound between durable glossy covers would help preserve it in one's files - if one's files are as messy as mine can get.

This particular resource is chock-full of templates to use to build language skills during interactive reading times - Read Alouds, Shared Reading, whatever you call them in your room.
SLPs especially know how important it is to talk about what you read, building vocabulary, describing, sequencing, and re-telling skills along the way.

How handy would it be to have them stay fresh and neat, and be able to stick whatever page you needed on the copying machine without getting it out of order or out of place?

Shelly at Appletastic did a GREAT job.  Check out these pictures, below, which just show a couple of pages.
I'm pleased with their work and with the way they made my work look.  

Now my brain is busy contemplating what else would be good to print and bind so nicely.

You can find them here for your own printing work.

Keep on talking!

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