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Saturday, January 23, 2016

What's to Love About San Diego in the Winter? A Lot!

Welcome to my stop on the blog hop. The Southern California Winter Blog Hop, that is.

A group of Southern California Educator Bloggers are here to tell you their favorite things about Winter in Southern California; including where to go and what to see. 
We're also bringing you some great Winter-themed educational FREEBIES, to help warm up your winter wherever you are.
So read this post, grab my FREEBIE, then head on over to the next post by clicking on the blog button below my FREEBIE.  Don't forget to enter the Raffle for a chance to win, too!

So, down to business.  What do I love about Southern California in the Winter?  For a New England transplant that's easy!  NO snow!! NO below freezing temperatures! NO ice!  Did I say, NO snow?!

I know it's a cliche, but there it is.  It is warm. Even when it is cold for San Diego, it is warmer than Boston.  A lot.

I also love the ocean.  I don't actually care about going into the ocean.  I love to sit in front of it. Watch it. Listen to it. Walk along the beach next to it.
I find the sound of the waves soothing.  That's my way to relax.

San Diego has lots of other great things to recommend it, too.  When I homeschooled my daughter in Middle School we went to Sea World and the Animal Park on a very regular basis.  We all love animals in our family.  Feeding the rays, the dolphins, and the lorikeets became  a fun way to spend a morning - before the crowds hit - and then go on with our way.

When my husband and I go on vacation, often we go looking for good snorkeling.  But some of the best snorkeling in the world is right here at La Jolla Cove.  Right in our own backyard, so to speak.

My Winter themed freebie is more New England based than San Diego, if you go by the images.  I've taken my Word Family Task Cards and created a sample page just for you using words and graphics with a winter theme.  
My passions include giving children a voice through teaching AAC - augmentative-alternative communication - and teaching them literacy skills.  So, as a part of developing the phonological awareness skills needed for developing those literacy skills, I have created a fun way to practice word families through sound manipulation.
Grab the FREEBIE by simply grabbing the image and putting it on your desk-top.

For a bigger free trial of the Word Family Task Cards, click here.
For the entire package of them, click here.

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Keep warm, and Keep on Talking!


  1. Susan,

    I just downloaded your freebie, and I love it! I feel the same way about the beach as you. I need to be near it. But, I don't necessarily like to be in it!

  2. Exactly! I couldn't care less about being in the water - too much sand LOL But I do love the sound and look of the waves and I am so relaxed by it!

  3. Oh, I love the zoo! I got a membership so I can visit any time of the year!
    Love Learning with Liana

  4. Hi Susan,
    Your flip flop beach scene is great! Thank you for the word family task cards. I will be using them with my first graders.

  5. Hi Susan,
    I love the ocean too! Just so refreshing to walk on the sand! Thanks for your freebie!
    Peggy @ Primary Flourish