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Monday, May 2, 2016

Do You Like a Sale? 28 Reasons to Like This One.

It's Teacher Appreciation time at Teachers Pay Teachers.  While we're not exactly teachers - we're not in our own classes - SLPs are critical to many children's education and we do teach them speaking, listening, language, reading and writing skills.  So, we're showing some appreciation for them, too!
And the Frenzied SLPs are hosting a linky so that you can see some of the great speech and language resources for sale.

My store - like many others - is 20% off all resources for the 2-day sale May 3-4, 2016.  TPT adds 10% on top of that, giving you 28% off everything you buy with the promo code CELEBRATE.

My two favorite resources right now - because they're pretty new are Listening, Answering, Sequencing, Telling, which has 36 simple, brief paragraphs with visuals, asks Wh questions for each, then asks students to put what they heard in sequential order using the visuals.  Work on listening comprehension, answering Wh questions, and sequencing skills all with one product.    So far, buyers have loved it.

The other is Emerging Grammar, which is more than 200 pages, with 11 levels of practice; from labels (1 word) labels with articles (2 words), to be + article + label (3 words), plural labels and plural labels with the to be verb (1 and 2 words), then adding pronouns and adjectives, pronoun verb phrases with singular then plural labels,  What questions, Where questions with prepositions, and conjunctions.  There are a minimum of 9 stimulus items for each of the 11 levels; often more.  The resource is interactive.  It is brand, spankin' new!

I might also head on over to Looks Like Language and purchase her Social Language - Getting Along game and Conversation Game.

So, those are my recommendations for tomorrow. Check the rest of the blogs and see what else you might find.  Happy shopping, and....
Keep on Talking.