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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Top 10 Back to School Deals (or Who Doesn't Love a Sale?)

While school staff are busy wrapping their minds around the end of summer and getting ready for back to school time, and parents are frantically trying to outfit their children with the "just right" back to school clothes and supplies, the Teachers Pay Teachers site is helping school staff and homeschoolers alike save money on back to school teaching supplies to make their jobs just that little bit - or a lot - easier.

"How,?" you might ask.  By throwing their annual "Back 2 School" sale!  This year the theme is "Together We're Better."  The TPT site has been helping to make teachers, SLPs, parents and other who work with students be the best they can be.  Speech Room News is sponsoring a blog linky with lots of great posts full of terrific sale deals from SLPs on TPT.

In my store, I try to provide resources primarily for those working with students who need to use augmentative-alternative communication (AAC).  I have pre-made communication boards for a variety of contexts that are core-word based.  I have interactive books to help teach and reinforce use of core vocabulary, and a variety of real-life experience simulations to use in intervention to augment the genuine communication opportunities that come up during the course of daily interactions.

I also offer a bunch of free handouts about AAC, to provide background information and getting-started help, among other topics.

I no longer do speech-language therapy, so I don't tend do shop for those products.  I do make some resources for other SLPs to use in intervention; covering things like vocabulary growth,  pragmatic language and syntax.
My purchases, however, tend to be mostly clip art.  The students I work with tend to do best with images that are realistic, and there are some great offerings on TPT for art that I can use with those kids.

So, what's on my wish list for the coming sale?   The Doodle Oven has this great set of historical figures that look very real, and will be great for Social Studies informational text resources.

Literature Daydreams and Illumismart  both have some great clip art related to specific stories for older students, which I promised to make a focus for this year.  So far, most of my book adaptations have been for elementary ages.

Strawberry Shake has been adding photos to her store, as have a few other sellers.  I'm looking at this set to add some images to my Julie of the Wolves book companion.
Away with the Pixels  has great realistic clip art of kids and many animals. I just keep adding to my collection of her work. I've gotten loads of great comments after using one of her images on a Pin.

If I were in the market for speech-language therapy items, I'd probably head over to Looks Like Language for some great conversational and social language skills resources, Speech to the Core for some fun grammar and vocabulary resources, Speech Sprouts for fun preschool activities, Sarah Wu's Speech is Beautiful for bilingual resources (which are really useful here in Southern California), Beautiful Speech Life has some great concept building packages,  AGB Speech Therapy has some great fun vocabulary and arctic resources,  Alberta Speechie has some good-looking vocabulary and concepts products, Speech Therapy Fun has a ton of articulation resources, and Tamatha of TLC Talk Shop (who shares my passion for AAC, AT, and functional communication skills) has a variety of articulation, language, and social skills resources, too!

So, if you're looking to save some money on intervention and teaching products for the new school year, head on over.  You'll find me here.

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