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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Language and Literacy: The iPad in the Special Ed Classroom

I have been talking about some specifics of using the iPad and apps in the special education classroom for developing language and literacy skills.  
I have done a number of workshops and seminars on the topic, predominantly in the Southern California area.  If you haven’t been to one, you can access a handout in my TPT store here.  It speaks to iPad content for language and literacy, and using iPads for aac.  

Just as language and literacy are intertwined, so are augmentative communication and literacy intertwined.  I address, as I have to some extent here in this blog, adapting activities for nonverbal and minimally verbal kids, and apps to help achieve those goals.

Evidence based practice calls for 90 minutes per day of reading instruction for general education students.  You can add 30-60 minutes for struggling readers.  How many students with autism or significant disabilities receive 2 or more hours per day of reading instruction?  

While the research on literacy instruction with nonverbal students is relatively young, in the words of David Yoder, “No child is too anything to learn to read.”

In the posts on shared and guided reading, I have spoken to ways to use books and story apps to increase language skills and build on literacy development.  I hope you have found them helpful.  Check out the handout, if you’re interested in more depth.

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