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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year - new goals? Nope.

The start of a new calendar year comes about mid-way through the school year.  While everyone else is setting new goals, making new resolutions (or revitalizing their old ones), I’m taking stock of where I am in meeting the school year’s goals and my goals for the teacher training that I do.  
I work with a lot of different teachers and SLPs in different districts.  Mostly I am teaching them how to implement aac use in their classrooms, how to get students using aac to increase their language and communication skills, and how to grow students’ language and literacy skills.  
The goal is all about communicating.  Not just the students’ communicating, but mine, as well.  Am I helping teachers understand?  Am I communicating adequately the skills and principles involved and helping them feel comfortable implementing them?  And how are the teachers doing?  Are they really listening to me?  (Yes, most are!).  Some teachers and SLPs start this journey with some trepidation.  If they are not familiar with aac systems or with working with students who use them, they may be initially resistant or shy or a little afraid.  I try to show them that it’s not hard, and not really all that different.

So, as the new year rings in and we gear up to go back to school, it is time to take stock.  For the new year, I will leave you with some information about aac in general (a free handout), 

and some guidelines and ideas for implementing aac and increasing language.  Have a safe, happy, and successful rest of the school year!

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