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Monday, February 2, 2015

It's time for another Movie Clip Monday link-up with Techie Turtle.

This week I'm going to remind you all about my small start-up YouTube Channel, where I have posted a series of short AAC Basics videos on a variety of aac topics.

The very first one I made, creatively called "AAC Basics #1" is about the difference between static and dynamic display speech generating aac devices.

The comparison, in short, shows us that static display devices are less expensive, but offer less vocabulary, require some physical dexterity to change overlay pages, and are too limiting to be considered as primary aac devices because they are just not robust enough.  Dynamic display devices, on the other hand, while being much more expensive,  offer often limitless vocabulary possibilities for generating any message, offer multiple access modalities for the user who is unable to reliably point, offer opportunities to use or develop literacy skills and syntax skills.

It's a short clip, so take a quick peek.  I'll be back later with February's blog topic: Shared Reading with Students with Significant Language or Complex Communication Needs.

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  1. Thanks for linking up with me this week! What a great idea to start your own YouTube channel. You might be on to something!

    Techie Turtle Teacher