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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Life's a Picnic......and Check it Out!

Who doesn't love a picnic?  As long as I can avoid the ants, I'm there!

Two topics today.  One is the free picnic picture communication board, as promised, just in time for summer!  
When my kids were small, we went on lots of picnics.  My son loved to go to one particular park when he was very little.  It had a pond complete with ducks and one particular aggressive goose.

My son was - and continues to be - my challenge.  Keeping him entertained and containing the energy but without overwhelming him was always .... shall we say "fun?"  Okay, let's say fun.
Anyway, he loved that park, although he was not so fond of that goose.  
I would spread out the Disney beach blanket (that lives in my daughter's car trunk to this day), unload the food and Gatorade (a must - by the gallon), and he could spend a couple of hours running with the ducks.
We moved away when he was almost 3, and had a hard time finding just the right park for picnics - one complete with ducks - when we moved.  But picnics continued to be a staple of weekend afternoons when the weather was nice.  
That was year-round in California.  Not so much in Massachusetts.  The joke there is that there are 3 seasons  July, August, and Winter.

Language skills were not my son's area of difficulty, so I never had need of communication boards.  He could talk a blue streak.  
But for all of my clients that is exactly the area I focus on.  

So, to get summer off to a fun start, here is a communication board to take with you!  As usual, it is core word based, for flexibility of communicating.  (Sorry, not enough room for ducks).

Enjoy it!  And feed a duck for me.

I'm looking forward to enjoying my new t-shirt, complete with my blog logo.  Best of all, it was free! is offering a free t-shirt to all educator bloggers, and a college was nice enough to share the link.
It hasn't arrived yet, so  don't have a picture of me wearing it yet, but here is a screen shot from my order: (a bit blurry.  Sorry)

Keep talking. Life can be a picnic.

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