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Sunday, September 6, 2015

My 4 Top Ways to Use a Custom Die

I use custom-made dice in my interventions and resources a lot.  I think it adds an element of fun to what can sometimes be mundane or challenging activities.

One of my most popular free downloads in the Teachers Pay Teachers store is my free story elements die.  I suggest using it for story re-telling, for story telling (formulating), and even in history/Social Studies classes for historical events.
The basics of Who, What happened, When, Where, What did, Ending can be applied to almost any story you read and any historical event you've studied.  They're also most of what you need to create a good story.
You can also use just the Wh- questions and an interesting robust scene. Students have to answer a Wh question about the picture based on their roll of the die. 
Practice asking Wh- questions, too.

I also make a custom die for specific stories when there's a long sequence of things that happen that I can put on the faces of the die.
Phonological awareness tasks are also fun with custom dice.  Put out a simple CVC word and on each face of the die have a different task.  The student rolls the die and has to tell a word that rhymes, a word that begins with the same sound, or a word that ends with the same sound. Other task choices might be to make a different word by changing the initial sound, or the ending sound, or the vowel.  

There are lots of options for using custom made dice in speech therapy or class to spice up the tasks. Download this template and make your own!

Have fun, and - keep taking.

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