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Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Picture Builds 1000 Words

You have heard me talk before about creating personal experience books to use for building language and literacy skills.  It's not a new idea and it is something parents have been doing for many years.  I still have a book I created for my son about 30 years ago.

We took a trip to the San Diego Zoo (we were living about an hour away at the time) and I created a book for him very similar to one of his favorites; a Paddington book about a trip to the zoo.  My son loved seeing the pictures of himself while I read the "story" to him.

I have many clients whose children aren't crazy about typical storybooks, but who will sit for hours looking at and hearing about their own picture stories.

One of my previous posts was about using story-making apps on your iPad to create these stories digitally.  A great post I read recently from Child Talk reiterates the importance of building vocabulary, grammar, and narrative skills through children's own, personalized story books.  

And, I have another older post about building narrative skills through story books, that highlighted a resource I have for teachers and parents, and also a free narrative planning sheet
Have fun checking these out, while I recuperate from surgery.
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  1. With cameras on cell phones now, this is so much easier for parents of speech/language impaired children to do! It is such a great technique since kids love pictures of themselves!

  2. Absolutely. I love that parents of the kids I work with can whip out the kid's iPad, click away, and create the "memory" book that night. They love 'reading' them over and over again.