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Sunday, June 25, 2017

C is for Core: More AAC From A to Z

I'm sure you've read all my numerous posts about using core words when teaching emerging and transitioning communicators how to communicate with AAC.  

While we don't want to forget the very important fringe words (lower frequency words) that the specific user needs and wants, we do base out language building on use of core vocabulary.

Here is a quick video you can watch that helps to explain what core vocabulary is and why we use it. You can also see it here and get the handout that goes with it.
Core words are not just for AAC users.  The research tells us that, for the average adult, 300-500 core words compromise about 80% of what we say.
For the average toddler, there are only 25 words that they use for more than 95% of what they say.  Think about how much your beginning communicator could say with just 25 core words; particularly as they can use 2 and 3 word combinations.

Have fun watching, and........Keep on Talking!

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