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Sunday, July 23, 2017

How Are They Related?

       Last week I talked about using stories with rich illustrations to find target words in students’ AAC systems.  Another activity you can do is to find synonyms and antonyms.  You can choose words from the story (aforementioned) or vocabulary words from class, or words you’ve been working on in therapy.

Give students the words in some fun format - usually playing with a generic game board and cards is enough to make it feel less like work.

Then tell students to find a synonym (or antonym) in their AAC systems.  This is great for practicing word relationships and reinforcing those vocabulary words you want them to learn, and is also good practice for finding specific words in he AAC system - words that might not be as high frequency and therefore don’t get as much practice.

Other words you can target during this activity: words for turn taking, words for commenting during a game.  I’ll bet your AAC users have objectives for these skills, too.

More fun next week. In the meantime, keep on talking!

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