Keep Them Communicating Through the Summer Slide

For most students Summer is a time for freedom from studies and studying.  We do have numerous programs for keeping students reading over the summer and avoiding the dreaded Summer slide.

avoid the summer slide

For students with special needs, including language disorders, the Summer slide is more of a certainty.  Students with language disorders need to keep working on those target skills year-round.  
Those who need to use AAC - Augmentative and Alternative Communication - need all of their communication partners working with them throughout the Summer - and even other, shorter breaks, from school.

Parents don’t need specific materials to help them work on communication skills over the Summer. They just need some ideas.  Communicating is a social endeavor and AAC use should be taught in the course of normal, genuine communication occurrences.
Providing parents with ideas for how to use daily routines and fun activities to help develop their child’s communication is often sufficient.  If, however, you need to, make sure that there is time to train parents in the basics before the school year ends.

I have several Summer Communicating handouts in my TPT store for free, to provide just such guidance for things to talk about with their child.
Here are just a few samples to take a look at:

You can find my Summer handouts through these links:

You don’t need special materials
Communication happens everywhere
You just need to provide ideas to keep moving with vocabulary and language - not just for the Summer, but all year round.

Have a great Summer and, remember, Keep on Talking.


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