Make the Connection! Getting Parents and Speech Pathologists to Work Together.

It's a book! Seriously, I do feel like I've just given birth to a really big baby.  A 240+ page baby.
I'm not going to say a lot about it here; you should just go check it out.   (affiliate link)
If you prefer paperback, find it here.

But, if you want to know what others are saying, here are just a few quotes from parents:

"This book is the tool that allows you to shorten your learning curve and better serve your clients or children who use AAC, a must for anyone expanding communication through technology."


"In one book Susan gets you from barely knowledgeable to comfortable with AAC. This is a book for every professional and parent working with a student using Ipads and other technology to communicate."


"Feel comfortable giving competent advice and recommendations about AAC.  Understand the breadth and depth of the resources available as well as their use and shine at your next IEP."

"As a parent embarking on a journey to support your child with communication needs, this book will guide you through a deep understanding of AAC, its use and its implementation. A must for every parent trying to shorten their learning curve!"

"Even seasoned professionals will find jewels of information in Susan’s book, a much-needed resource to round out your knowledge as you work with students on AAC."

Be sure to share it with friends, family, SLPs, and parents of AAC users - or those who should be.

Keep on talking!

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