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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Autism Numbers - Oh My!

In case you haven't been following me, I have recently published a book on AAC implementation. Augmentative-Alternative Communication is a relatively young area of speech-language pathology and one in which there was limited research until relatively recently.  Which meant that we often didn't know a lot about what we were trying to do for a number of years.  And, like many fields, information derived from the research wasn't always good about making it into practice.

But we now have a lot more information to inform our best practices.  We have determined some of the best Evidence Based Practice and clinicians have that available to them from a variety of sources.

Even so, it's tough to get the many thousands of speech-language pathologists to be comfortable with an area of practice they often have limited cause to use.

Well, in case you haven't heard about my book, Make the Connection!: A Practical Guide to Parents and Practitioners for Teaching the Nonverbal Child to Communicate with AAC, it is aimed specifically at providing parents and therapists with a plan.  

In the book, I outline the types of AAC, the myths and misperceptions, and the terminology.  Because we don't want anyone left hanging because they don't know the vocabulary!
Then I go on to outline steps needed to go from nonverbal to communicating with pictures.  
I offer simple steps, tips, strategies and ideas for implementing AAC.  I give examples. And, I hope, I give - well,  hope.

In my 45 years working with kids with nonverbal autism - and so many other conditions that impact language - I have watched literally thousands of parents cry in frustration. And that doesn't need to be.

So, if you or someone you know and love needs this book, hop on over to the website ( or go straight to Amazon and grab it. (That's an affiliate link).

Want to know a little more before you buy?  I'll be making my second appearance on NBC Morning News in Palm Springs on April 2 and will post a link to the interview as soon as it's available.
In the meantime, here are some free handouts I hope provide you with some useful information. No opt-in necessary; just a free link.

And, as always, keep on talking!

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