Empowering Nonspeaking Children: Introducing "Early Language Development for AAC"

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Get ready, because I have some exciting news to share! As a speech-language pathologist with over 45 years of experience, I can remember when there were absolutely no materials on the market I could use with my students. I had to make it all up as I went along!  Now I make resources for other SLPs (special educators and parents, too) to use.

Today, I’m excited about the latest step in our journey to give every nonspeaking child a voice. Say hello to  "Early Language Development for AAC" – the software app that's going to supercharge the way we build language skills in children with autism and developmental disabilities!

Do your students need to move beyond single core words?  Are you looking for a solution that doesn’t require 1:1 intervention all the time? Do you want to supplement the modeling of phrases you do in the environment? That's precisely what this incredible app aims to achieve. It's not just another run-of-the-mill AAC tool; it's (going to be) a comprehensive language-building system carefully crafted to empower young communicators like never before!

Let's face it – providing AAC devices to children is only the first step. What really matters is the ongoing training and support they receive to become competent and confident communicators. We want them to not just use core vocabulary, but to learn to generate Spontaneous Novel Utterances. That's where this app can really help! With its ready-to-go set of engaging activities, we can gradually build the use of phrases and sentences in our AAC users – whether they need supervision or are able to go solo.

"Early Language Development for AAC" is gamified syntax practice specifically for those who use picture symbols to communicate. The bundle of activities, including 13 digital gems, offers hundreds of opportunities for children and teens to practice constructing phrases. And guess what? It even tracks their progress with snazzy analytics, saving us precious time and effort while ensuring these youngsters hit their MLU (mean length of utterance) goals like pros!

This app boasts eye-catching graphics and animations that'll keep the students on the edge of their seats. We all know that gamification adds that extra oomph to learning, right? Watch your students light up as they progress through the tasks, thanks to a nifty progress bar that shows them how far they've come and how close they are to nailing it!

But here's the real kicker – "Early Language Development for AAC" makes learning a rewarding experience! The animations provide instant visual and auditory feedback, letting the students know when they've hit the bullseye with their responses. It's like a high-five from the app, boosting their confidence with every step forward.

Currently, it's rocking four groups of activities that cater to different learning levels. Starting from simple phrases with a limited symbol array, it moves on to using interactive on-screen communication boards for more complex 2-3 word phrases, including those tricky prepositional phrases. And there's more in the pipeline, folks!

So, fellow SLPs and caregivers, let's unite to create a world where every child gets a voice, a world where communication barriers become a thing of the past. Say goodbye to stagnant language development and embrace the boundless potential of "Early Language Development for AAC"!

Whether you're a teacher, therapist, or caregiver, this app is your ultimate ally in nurturing the linguistic growth of these exceptional children. Let's take a step forward together and show the world that the power of communication knows no bounds. Get ready to witness your AAC users soar to new heights of self-expression, one phrase at a time!

Download "Early Language Development for AAC" now [Well, soon anyway] and be a part of this extraordinary journey. The future of language building for alternate communicators is brighter than ever. With this amazing software offering engaging practice, nothing can hold these students back! Let's embark on the incredible adventure of finding their voice.

Let's break barriers, defy limits, and celebrate the beauty of language – one enthusiastic, empowered child at a time! 🌟💬✨

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