Unlock the World of Answering Wh Questions

Looking to add a tried-and-true resource to your toolkit for teaching students how to answer Wh-questions? Tired of endlessly creating lists of Wh questions to use in therapy?

Get off the treadmill, get back your time, and give your students success with WH questions What doing, Who, Where, and When.

This app uses research based methodology and has been reviewed as the first breakthrough in Wh questions for sooo many students! 

In fact, when I first started using this method decades ago with my students, parents were amazed and begged me to publish it. In 2011 it finally became an app.

QuestionIt is designed to teach learners how to answer Wh- questions by first learning to match the type of word to the type of question, and then learning to find those words in sentences.

QuestionIt uses fading of color cues to help learners achieve success as they learn, and reinforces all correct responses with meaningful feedback and fun fireworks.

QuestionIt contains 4 activity types, which progress from identifying which words answer which questions, answering questions in simple sentence formats, to anwering questions in more complex sentences and in breif paragraphs.

There is data tracking feature for therapists.

Activity 1 asks students to sort words into categories by the type of question they answer. “Boy” is a person; a person answers ,”Who.” Full color cue, partial color cue and no color cue levels are available. Hundreds of words are provided for sorting people, places, times and actions. Errorless learning is used; allowing only the correct response to be registered.

Activities 2 and 3 present sentences and ask Wh- questions in random order. While Activity 2 uses the same sentence structure for all sentences (Who- is Doing What- Where- and When?), Activity 3 offers variations on the word order. More than 4,000 sentences are available, minimizing student memorization and acclimation. Activity 2 has 3 levels of play; full and partial color cue and no cue. Activity 3 has only partial color cue and no cue levels.

Activity 4 presents three loosely related sentences as a paragraph, continuing to ask questions in random order. Activity 4 has 2 levels; partial color cue and no cue. Again, hundreds of items are available for practice.

In all levels, errorless learning is provided. Only one response is accepted and moves the student on to the next item.

QuestionIt has been developed from a therapy activity created by Susan Berkowitz, a speech-language pathologist with over 30 years’ experience working with students with autism and significant language disorders. Both parents and co-workers have suggested over the years that she publish this activity. For many students it has been the only intervention to make Wh questions “click.”

QuestionIt is available only for iPad.

“QuestionIt is free for a limited number of examples for each level of each activity. In-app purchase required to access more than 10,000 questions in the full version.”

For educational institutions who cannot make in-app purchases, there is Question It ED; a full version for schools and educators.

Get yours here now!

p.s. The original paper-based version is available in my TPT and Etsy stores. Just click the links.

Have happy and safe holidays! And.....keep on talking!


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