Teaching Core Words for AAC?

Creating engaging and practical learning experiences is key. For students using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices, simulations provide an excellent opportunity to practice and strengthen their communication skills in real-life scenarios. Simulating various activities in school settings can be a great way to help students learn and practice using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Here's a list of 12 activities that can be simulated in school:

1. Going to the Doctor's Office:

   - Simulate a visit to the doctor, including checking in, waiting, and describing symptoms, interacting with staff. This activity helps students navigate healthcare interactions and express themselves effectively in medical settings

2. Taking Public Transportation:

   - Practice communication related to using buses, trains, or other forms of public transportation. Include asking for help, where to sit, and polite social words

3. Ordering at a Coffee Shop:

   - Simulate ordering drinks or snacks at a coffee shop, emphasizing communication with the barista.  Emphasize the use of AAC devices for effective communication, practicing phrases like "I would like," "Can I have," and "Please." Encourage students to explore different menu items and express their preferences.

role playing and activity simulations provide real life context for learning language skills for AAC users

4. Attending a Job Interview:

   - Create a scenario for a job interview, focusing on introducing oneself, answering questions, and expressing qualifications.

5. Participating in a Group Project:

   - Simulate a group project scenario, encouraging students to communicate their ideas and collaborate with peers.

6. Getting a Haircut:

   - Role-play a visit to the salon or barber shop, practicing communication related to personal preferences and instructions.

7. Visiting the Library:

   - Simulate a trip to the library, involving interactions with librarians, asking for assistance, and checking out books.

8. Going to the Park:

   - Role-play a visit to the park, engaging in conversations with others, discussing activities, and making plans.

9. Setting up a Bank Account:

   - Simulate the process of opening a bank account, focusing on communication with the bank representative.

10. Attending a School Assembly:

    - Practice communication skills related to attending and participating in school assemblies or events.

11. Planning a Vacation:

    - Role-play the process of planning a vacation, including discussions about destinations, activities, and travel arrangements.

12. Participating in a Team Sport:

    - Simulate joining a sports team, emphasizing communication with teammates and coaches

These simulated activities provide different scenarios that can help students develop their AAC skills in various social and practical contexts.

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