6 Fun Ways to Incorporate Core Words into the Morning Routine Through Sabotage

 I know I’ve posted a lot about how important routines are for building language. 

morning routines with core words

They are repetitive and provide lots of opportunities for hearing the same language over and over again.

They are sequential; so are good for teaching sequences and structures to go with the language.

They are great for building core words; the same core words can be used simply and easily:

on, off, up, down, hot, cold, more, stop…. you get it

If you follow me on social media, you’ll have noticed I’ve been posting a lot of photos recently with lists of core words that can be used during specific activities; including daily routines, play activities, outings, and more. Scroll through my Instagram feed to check them out.

It’s easy to add some fun and playfulness, too. Especially during all of these months stuck at home, a little goofiness just might be welcome.

Try putting socks on hands: no, wrong, different, stop, not there, silly

Try hovering over the cereal bowl with the orange juice carton: no, stop, wrong, different, silly, yuck, not like, not that

Try putting a button-down shirt or pants on backwards: turn, stop, different, wrong, not, back

Try putting yogurt on the toothbrush: not that, different, wrong, other, stop, this one, don’t like

Try putting pants on over his head: no, silly, not that way, not there, down, not up, silly, funny

Try giving him a fork to eat soup or cereal: no, not work, can’t, need different (be careful with this one; have the spoon readily available - you don’t want to cause frustration or a meltdown).

Try some of your own “goofs” or sabotages. Have some core word fun.

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