2 Core Word Scavenger Hunt Ideas Right in Your Home

 We’ve all been stuck inside for a long time now and it seems like we’ve run out of ideas for what to do here.  You may have already tried this one, but how about a core word scavenger hunt?

core word scavenger hunt

I’ve thought about two different ways to do this. The first is to make a pile of core word symbol or word cards and have you and your child(ren) pick them one at a time and hunt for examples of the word.

Once found, you get to come back for another card.  You can just play for fun, or whoever collects the most cards in a specified amount of time in the winner.

Or, create scavenger hunt cards and each “hunter” has to find examples of the words on their card in the house or room chosen.  Once they’ve marked them off, they’re done. First one to finish is the winner.

Here are a couple of sample cards to get you started.

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